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Physical Therapy

A Certified Meeks Therapist has advanced training on how to safely work with a patient who has osteoporosis, osteopenia, poor posture or a compression fracture of the spine.  If you feel that physical therapy can help you, ask your doctor for a physical therapy referral. 

The Meeks Method is a safe, effective  and comprehensive physical therapy approach for the management of osteoporosis, osteopenia, compression fracture and poor posture.
This method of treatment will help to: 

  •   Improve your posture & balance.
  •   Improve your flexibility & strength.
  •   Decrease your back & neck pain.
  •   Decrease your risk of falls.
  •   Decrease your risk of osteoporotic fracture.


Assessment - assessment of your medical history, medical tests, risk factors, body height, posture, pain, strength, flexibility, balance and mobility.
Education - discussion of osteoporosis, your lifestyle risk factors, posture, body mechanics, exercise, and recommended resources.
Body Mechanics - assessment and  instruction on your activities of daily living.
Postural Correction - restoration of optimal alignment to improve your posture, decrease your risk of fracture and decrease your risk of falls.
Balance Correction - individualized balance program designed to improve your balance and decrease your risk of falls.
Weight bearing exercises - individualized exercise program to improve your bone health with safe weight bearing exercises.
Modalities - assessment of your need for moist heat, ultrasound, electric stimulation or manual therapy to decrease pain and promote healing.
Bracing - assessment, fitting and monitoring of the Spinomed Spinal Orthosis.  This back brace is specifically designed for compression fractures and osteoporosis.  This brace has been scientifically proven to increase strength, improve posture and decrease pain.
Breathing -  assessment of breathing patterns and instruction of breathing exercises to help improve your core strength and breathing restrictions.
Relaxation - instruction on relaxation techniques to help decrease your stress and promote bone health.
Advanced Exercises -  individualized exercise program that will assist your return to safe exercise in your home or in the community.

Used with permission by Sara Meeks.
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