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Spinomed Spinal Orthosis

The Spinomed® Spinal Orthosis is the only orthosis that is specifically designed to treat patients diagnosed with vertebral compression fractures &/or hyper-kyphosis deformity of the spine.

In a published, peer reviewed, evidence-based study, the Spinomed Spinal Orthosis has been proven to:

  •   Increase back extensor muscle strength by 73%.

  •   Increase abdominal muscle strength by 58%.

  •   Decrease in pain by 38%.

  •   Decrease in body sway by 25%.

  •   Decrease in hyper-kyphosis (c-curve of spine) by 11%.

This brace is covered by medicare & most health insurances with a diagnosis of osteoporosis &/or compression fracture of the spine.

If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and have poor posture this back brace will improve your posture and decrease your risk of spinal compression fracture by helping you use better body mechanics with your routine activities.

If you already have a history of a spinal compression fracture,  this back brace will help strengthen your core muscles, decrease your back pain, improve your posture and decrease your risk of future compression fractures.

A "Certified Spinomed Orthosis Fitter" will fit, monitor and adjust the brace as your posture & function improves.

This brace when prescribed with physical therapy using the Meeks Method for posture correction can significantly improve your posture! 

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